After The Party

The Menzingers won't grow up



Trying to stave off real life and boredom and continue to do what they love and pound out furious, fist-pumping punk masterpieces is the challenge for The Menzingers. A challenge they keep winning. With larger than life melodies and angry power chords the album just eats you up leaving you wanting seconds. The album After the Party has a single of the same name and now a great, rocking, angst filled video to bring it to life. Mornings at dawn following any generation’s hard partying nights and the destruction it always brings is that night’s soundtrack. Romance, fighting, craziness, desperation, too much too soon – its all there as it is in every American small town story. The video, “After the Party”, is wonderfully acted and directed.

This is the bands fifth album and they are rooted in Social Distortion, Ska and even Bruce Springsteen when they sing of their heartland. The Philly based punk rock bashers released a really wonderful new video to the title track.