His fast and furious rise

BY: Matt Elisofon

The son of Hollywood royalty, Scott Eastwood’s upbringing was far from regal. Born out of wedlock–his mother was a flight attendant–Scott grew up in Hawaii, far from his famous father and the limelight surrounding him. He didn’t inherit a thing from his father…except for the same killer eyes and chiseled features.

“He could’ve made it easy,” says Scott, who had to pay his own way through college and audition for parts like everyone else, but I wouldn’t have learnt anything from that.”

Even when his son started to show promise as an actor, his legendary father, now an acclaimed director, refused to make it easy, “I’ve auditioned for pretty much every one of my father’s movies,” Scott told Variety. 

But his persistence paid off. After booking a bunch of bit parts–some in his father’s films and some not–Eastwood snagged a supporting role on in David Ayer’s Fury and the lead in the 2015 romance The Longest Ride where he fittingly plays a cowboy (actually a bull rider but close enough).

Since then, Eastwood’s been off to the races, appearing in huge films like Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Ayers Suicide Squad. And on April 14th–in case you didn’t buy the whole “off to the races” thing, Eastwood will be appearing The Fate of the Furious, the newest addition in the blockbuster racing franchise. Scott Eastwood’s recent solo success just goes to show you that no matter how hard your journey may be, if you’ve inherited Clint Eastwood’s signature squint, stardom is nothing short of inevitable.