Emma Stone transforms

The actress always charms and surprises


BY: Claire Connors

There’s a reason that Emma Stone is the highest paid actress in the world. It’s not her looks, which hover somewhere between stunning and ordinary at any given moment. Nor is it her distinguishable husky voice, a smoky, three-shots-of-bourbon timber that always makes you look twice. No, Emma’s money maker is her relatability. She acts like the real deal because she is. Hardworking and determined her whole life, the Arizona girl knew she wanted to act since she was four, and eventually convinced her parents that it would be a fabulous idea for her to move to LA when she was 15 to try her luck at Hollywood stardom.

While working part-time in a dog treat bakery, Emma auditioned for every part she could, landing next to nothing. Her big break was also our first time being dumbstruck by Le Stone, playing the sweet, love interest of Jonah Hill in the hilarious 2007 teen comedy, Superbad. It wasn’t until 2009’s horror comedy, Zombieland, that it became apparent we had a real actress on our screens.

Soon we were looking for her name on movie posters with hopes of seeing another of her refreshing turns at a fully realized female character. That came with The Help, a timely drama where she transformed herself into a plain Jane aspiring writer who exposes the horrible treatment of African American maids in the South. Her supporting role as a recovering drug addict in 2014’s Birdman garnered her first nomination for an Academy Award and her magical performance in last year’s gorgeous musical, La La Land struck gold and landed her the Oscar for best actress.

This fall, Emma transforms herself again, into Billie Jean King for the exciting sports comedy, Battle of the Sexes, about the match between the female tennis star and infamous sexist sportsman, Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). Will the Academy recognize her for her spot-on depiction of King? We’re not worried, at 28, Emma’ll be making plenty of room on her mantle for more awards.

Perhaps an Emmy for Emma? Next year she stars with Jonah Hill in Netflix’s dark comedic series, Maniac. We can’t wait to binge the show and her performance.