Kate The Great

Winslet Boards Wonder Wheel

BY: Claire Connors

Kate Winslet is our kind of woman. She’s smart, ballsy, and lives in the type of no bullshit zone we’d like to co-habitate with her. Oh yeah, she’s sexy as hell, too. She looks like a queen but talks like a sailor. What’s sexier than that?

The British actress first caught our eye in 1994’s Heavenly Creatures, playing a real-life murderous teenager. At 19, the young beauty managed to outshine her costars, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, playing the heartbroken Marianne Dashwood in 1995’s Sense and Sensibility. That part got her her first Academy Award nod. Her second Oscar nomination came two years later for a little known flick called Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio may have gotten all the attention from the teenaged girls around the world (and many boys!) but Kate got the attention from the Academy.

She also got a lot of attention in 2003 when she made the cover of British GQ. Kate loves her body but she loves the truth more. So when the magazine photoshopped her image, slimming her voluptuous size 10 body down to a size two, she went public with the deceit and demanded an apology, which she received. Kate: 1 GQ: 0.

Kate finally won an Oscar in 2008 for playing a former concentration camp guard in The Reader. Of course she’s been recognized for her acting abilities numerous other times but at 42, it feels like Kate’s just getting started in exploring the depths of her talents. This year she starred opposite Idris Elba in the romantic survival drama, The Mountain Between Us, and next month she plays the matriarch in Woody Allen‘s memory piece set in Coney Island, Wonder Wheel. Will Woody sprinkle Kate with his Oscar fairy dust and get her an another award, as he has for so many actresses before like Diane Keaton, Diane Wiest, Penelope Cruz, and Cate Blanchett? We’ll have to wait until March 4th, the day of the 2018 Academy Awards, to find out.

Wonder Wheel opens on November 30.