Julianne Moore is on fire

The legendary actress ignites our passion

BY: Claire Connors

She may be a hot redhead but to us, Julianne Moore is as cool as a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Sophisticated and bright, she’s a prolific actress who has been in almost as many good films—stream The Hours, The Kids Are Alright, and Children of Menas bad, you can skip Nine Months, the remake of Psycho, and Laws of Attraction. Even when she does get cast in a role unworthy of her talent, her rich, fearless performances always stand out. Especially the ones where she drops trou.

Two of our favorites that bare more Moore are Boogie Nights (1997) a decidedly unsexy look at the 70s porn industry in L.A where she plays sex star/coke head Amber Waves, and Short Cuts (1993) based on the Raymond Carver short stories about suburban L.A. residents. The jaw-dropping scene forever burned in our brains is when her character, an adulterous wife, is arguing with her husband (Matthew Modine) while naked from the waist down. Funny sidebar: Hollywood lore is that when director Robert Altman asked Moore if she would do a nude scene, she said she was game, adding that it was his lucky day because she was an “all-natural redhead” and the curtains matched the rug. You gotta love a woman who’s that comfortable with her body.

Nominated for numerous awards throughout her illustrious career, Moore finally won the Academy Award (not to mention the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and SAG) for Best Actress in 2014’s stunning drama, Still Alice, playing a linguistics professor who learns she has early onset Alzheimer’s. Moore’s performance is nothing short of extraordinary, allowing us into the tragic world of a brilliant mind being slowly destroyed by this chilling disease. We dare you not to cry watching Alice struggle through a speech near the end of her ability to communicate. It’s heartbreaking.

We have a feeling Ms. Moore may be making a bit more room on her mantle come Oscar time for at least one of her upcoming films. At the end of the month she’ll appear in the hilarious Coen Brothers-written/George Clooney-directed comedy thriller, Suburbicon playing twin sisters embroiled in small-time crime, and next week she’s reuniting for the fourth time with director Todd Haynes, who cast her in 1995’s Safe and 2002’s Far From Heaven. In Wonderstruckadapted from Brian Selznick’s historical children’s novel, she plays a deaf, silent movie star. To prepare for the part, she learned sign language and studied the films of silent film star, Lillian Gish.

The very freckled actress and mother of two has also written a series of childrens’ books about a character named Freckleface Strawberry.

Now 56, the long-time L’Oreal spokeswoman has recently become the face for John Hardy Jewelry. The Made for Legends campaign just came out in print and video, showing the beautiful Moore not-quite naked, draped in exotic, handcrafted jewelry. Check out her gorgeous video for the line here. It’s oh-so fitting for her to be in this, as Julianne Moore is truly a legend in our own time.