Jennifer Aniston IS BAE

Sex goddess meets girl-next-door

BY: Zak Wojnar

What more is there to say about Jennifer Aniston that hasn’t already been shouted from the mountaintops? She’s basically the female George Clooney; women want to be her, and men want to be with her. She’s the ultimate blend of girl-next-door, sex goddess, and esteemed actor.

After a leading role on a little sitcom called Friends (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), she went on to star in a string of romantic comedies before expanding to a more eclectic suite of films. In the early going, she had hits (Along Came Polly), misses (Derailed), and cult classics (The Break-Up). More recently, she’s starred in a wide variety of critically-acclaimed pictures from disparate genres, including the raunchy comedy, Horrible Bosses, in which she utters the timeless quote, “You’re gonna give me that dong, Dale. You’re gonna fuck my slutty little mouth.”

On the more serious side of the spectrum, the lovely and talented Aniston also starred in 2014’s Cake. To this day, it’s an absolute crime that she didn’t get an Oscar nomination for her role as a woman struggling with chronic pain. Also, and not for nothing, but she went makeup-free for the film, bringing out the vulnerable, raw beauty which is so often hidden underneath layers of Hollywood glamour.

So, what’s next for J.Ston? Quite a bit! She’ll be starring on television alongside fellow blonde knockout Reese Witherspoon in an as-ye-untitled television project, and is also slated to appear in Dumplin’, based on the YA novel by Julie Murphy; she will portray the mother of the lead character, who will be played by Danielle Macdonald (Patticakes). After that? The sky’s the limit, since Aniston is one of those actors who can do whatever they want, and we’ll be there to see what happens.