Man Crush: Donald Glover

Atlanta’s creator is a shining breakout star


BY: Claire Connors

You probably already knew who Donald Glover was before he burst onto our radars winning two Emmys this year as the creator, director, and star of FX’s hit series, Atlanta (historical fact: Donald is the first black man to win an Emmy for directing).

Glover’s been bubbling under for years. He’s a much-loved stand-up comic—his Comedy Central special Weirdo is definitely worth searching out—and his rap music under the name Childish Gambino is well-respected in the rap community. But he got his start in Hollywood, at just 23, when he was invited by Tina Fey to enter the writers’ room for the hit comedy, 30 Rock.

A wannabe actor, he left that amazing 30 Rock gig to appear in NBC’s confederacy of dunces sit-com, Community, in which he played the adorable Troy Barnes. After a few seasons there, it was time to go big or go home. So he did both.

His hit series Atlanta, is based in the town where he was raised. The musican/rapper wanted to create a show highlighting the exciting music scene happening in that southern capital. The first season caught on with viewers but by the time it was available for all to watch on Hulu, he had already won two Golden Globes: Best Actor for his portrayal as “Earn” Marks, an up-and-coming rapper, and for Best Television Series. His star status was cemented earlier this month when he won those two Emmys. The second season just started filming again in Atlanta and is due out next year.

Now, at 34, Glover’s a veritable superstar, effortlessly taking on more high profile roles in both TV and film. A very long-time fan of Spiderman, he started a social media frenzy when he expressed interest in playing Peter Parker. A fan campaign called “#donald4spiderman” was started, and while that didn’t work out, he did appear in the pivotal role of Aaron Davis in this year’s Spiderman: Homecoming.

Another dream for the handsome Glover was to somehow be involved in the Star Wars films. A fan since he was a child, he was recently cast in the Untitled Han Solo film as the young Lando Calrissian, the scoundrel originally played by Billy Dee Williams in the earlier films.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see what this talented writer, actor, director, producer, singer/songwriter, stand-up comic comes up with next. Hmmm, President Glover, perhaps? He’d have our vote.