Daniel Day-Lewis’ Finale

He's a designer obsessed with sex and fashion

BY: Claire Connors

Get out your handkerchiefs. After four decades of charming us with his romantic and often sexually obsessive roles in films like 1985’s My Beautiful Launderette, playing a gay skinhead falling in love with a Pakistani businessman, and 1988’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being as a sexy Czech doctor with numerous lovers, Daniel Day-Lewis is calling it a career and leaving the film industry.

The three-time Academy Award-winning actor is saying so long, farewell, and adios to the legion of fans who have worshipped him since he won our hearts in My Left Foot (1989) playing the romantic quadriplegic poet, Christy Brown and brought us to tears in The Last of the Mohicans (1992), when he called to his lover in that deep, brave voice, “I will find you.” Sigh.

On Christmas day, the British actor makes his final bow in the romantic drama, Phantom Thread, directed by his collaborator in 2007’s There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson. Set in London in the 1950s, DDL plays Reynolds Woodcock (is that a hint?), an older but very passionate fashion designer who sets his sites on Johanna (Camilla Rutherfod), an ingénue who wins his heart and becomes his objet d’amour and art. The clothing is spectacular and from the snippet we see of DDL’s performance in the trailer, this will definitely be his fourth Oscar win.

In the meantime, let’s hope Daniel Day-Lewis changes his mind and graces us with his presence on camera again. Adieu, Daniel.