We Want Katie Moore!

Meet our new crush and badass of the runway

BY: Claire Connors

It was one of those fabulous “model moments.” Just as a fresh-faced Texas blonde was about to walk the Alexander Wang runway for his Fall/Winter 2016 show, a flash of brilliance hit hairstylist Guido Palau backstage. Grabbing his scissors, he proceeded to chop off the 18-year-old’s locks, her gorgeous blonde strands hitting the floor in a giant heap. Suddenly the almost nondescript but pretty girl transformed into a stunning punk rocker with a bright orange micro bob and a rad attitude. Katie Moore opened that show and a star was born.

Now all of 19, Katie is bouncing between to her natural blonde and bright red, but is still shaking up the fashion world. The Brooklyn resident, who’s currently taking dance classes, is looking forward to breaking into acting soon. Oh, and she also wants to work with photographer Steven Meisel, so if you know him, show him Katie’s gorgeous instagram. He will thank you. @katherineann.moore.